Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch Time

1.Pizza Biscuit Rolls. Lets face it. I hate making lunches for school. It starts out pretty good in September, and then by January I'm plum out of ideas and tired of trying to think up what they might like. These biscuit rolls are the answer. They come together easily and freeze well. I can have a supply in the freezer. I just take one out the night before. Let it unthaw overnight in a Tupperware container and just throw it in their lunch kit in the morning. Hooray!! And they love them. Watch the tutorial on You Tube.

2. Football Watching Make-ahead Big Sandwich.
This hearty sandwich is a great make-ahead meal. Weather it's for the big game or just a family lunch it is sure to deliver the goods. The flavours develop as it sits in the fridge. Watch Son #3 and I make it on You Tube.

3. Christmas Morning Omelette For A Crowd.
It can be challenging to serve omelettes to a group of people at one time. This baked omelette rises to the challenge. I make this often for my family. We have eaten it at breakfast, lunch and supper. It really tastes exactly like an omelette. Make it the night before to serve the next morning. Great for Christmas morning. It will feed six or more people at one time. Watch Me make it on You Tube.

4. Oatmeal Apple Pie WafflesGluten free and sugar free deliciousness. Almost like apple pie and ice cream. Super good. The recipe doubles well and the waffles can also be frozen and popped in the toaster for a quick, before school breakfast. Make the batter the night before to make for a quick easy breakfast. Watch me make them on You Tube.

5. Bacon and Eggers. Great make-ahead frozen sandwiches. They are perfect for busy days when the chaos is getting the better of you. I love to have these sammy's in my freezer. They are very high in protein and very filling. We have eaten them for breakfast, lunch and even supper. Really great for those days when everyone needs to be someplace different all at the same time. Just grab, heat and go. Watch me make them on You Tube

Big Batch Carrot Cake Oatmeal(breakfast for the week)Back to school can be easy. Spicy, comforting, full of nuts, raisins and yes, carrots. Make this big batch on Sunday, fill one cup mason jars. Cover and refrigerate.  Easy-peasy lemon squeasy! Breakfast is done for the week!

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